6* Maggie vs Wyatt w/ poll


I feel that Maggie and Wyatt fill the same role, which one you think is better.

Context; I have 6* Carl and two Shivas.

  • Maggie
  • Wyatt

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Picking Wyatt simply for the Bonus HP


wyatt for the HP bonus.


I understand the built in weapond downside, but I have no better replacement at the moment.


Could go either way…

Leaving Wyatt last makes him annoying to kill and he hits dumb hard.

But taunt for two turns is great crowd control.


I’m dumping Shiva on my defense because she dies incredibly easy. I’ll be running both Maggie and Wyatt.


I dunno Maggie just seems like the yellow version of 6* Abe, and he’s not that good IMO


If you run wyatt, you’ll have four greens and be easy to take out with teams like mine (Mirabelle, New Threat gov, and Erika). Even easier to take out once depot gov becomes ascendable and can neutralize your shivas and Wyatt


Wyatt seems to hit harder and his active skill can be re-use 1turn before Maggies, but she has more health, heals and lowers attack.

Her AR is also faster.

With huge AP on attack she can go off on turn 2, while wyatt still on turn 3.


Tough. Way I see things, Maggie is kind of the tank you want with Indomitable and gets bonus defense. On top of top, she debuffs the attack of two people. Wyatt would be a tank on both offense and defense if about two or three teammates go down. He does a little more damage, buffs defense and provides bonus HP to another teammate. He kinda makes up for not having Indomitable in a way. And having Vincent as a leader would mean he could rush sooner if people try gunning for him. I guess between Maggie and Wyatt, my decision is 45/55. Not strongly for Wyatt but willing to put Wyatt on hold for ascendance until I got the material for both. They sound good together on a team. Especially coupled with OG/SR Zeke for extra power and defense to go with their tanky capabilities.


I think Maggie’s taunt on rush is what sets her higher for me. You can lock two toons into hitting her with the right setup. I will be replacing my shield michonne with her when she’s ready


I will be utilizing both Maggie and Wyatt equally. Together, omg. The magic.

I will probably run a Carl/Vincent leader team with Wyatt, Zeke, Maggie, and Aris.

I have been ranged for months, it will be nice to switch things up in a few weeks.


They’re going to be great handcuffed to each other.


My future team! You see? Both are in there and equally awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


That does look beautiful.


People saying they like Maggie because her taunt, remember Wyatt’s active is taunt.


Maggie cause i already have a sexy absolute defense weapon made for her


Maggie cause her taunt lasts 2 turns.

I wouldn’t even level her active.


Actives on defense are unreliable at best.


I think both are good I prefer Wyatt slightly because I have stun when attacking on his weapon.