6* Madison Everywhere


Is Madison the secret premier recruit or something? Second one I’ve pulled in like about week and I’ve seen a bunch of other people pulling her lately too.


I don’t have one. Either Red or Green, so No


Ive seen a lot more ppl pull alpha.

Oh look an alpha.


Guess I got two popular pulls in one lol


She was in a stash never had a premiere


I pulled red Madison when I was going for wayland. I really want Bruce though.


Bruce banner? :wink:


I pulled alpha blue, and the 100 percent heal gov and two Harlan’s, but I have seen a lot of people either getting alpha blue, Bruce, and madison


after i pulled Naya 2 or 3 months ago my luck vanished, never got anything good from premier or 5star tokens pulls


Honestly, I haven’t gotten the actual premier since the first Yumiko came out…


I did 140 pulls and got Louis on premier but kicked myself for it although his badass! Got Sophia the other day on 2 10’s and got red evasion gov today on a 10 before all of that I never got any toons that were even ascendable


Uhm lol


Loveeeeee my red madison, load her up with a few greens and a few reds and slice through melee teams. Keep pulling shield jesus pleaseeeee :rofl:


I would be happy with Alpha, Madison, Bruce … I got only useless 4* and few useless 5* in my last pulls :frowning:


Did a big pull for Erika. And off course that blond b** wasnt home :grin:. But i also cant say this was a bad result


Ive also pulled green Madison in the last week… and evasion gov as someone pointed out also. They obviously weight their wheels so specific toons come out more.


Yet they’ll deny and deny even with the evidence


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