6* Lee & 6* Magna leaks & predictions

Just a bit of fun with the new upcoming duo leaked, Lee & Magna who are both shields (!) will be upcoming Generation 2 legacy ascendables.

Which of these two characters do you have already?

  • Lee
  • Magna
  • I have both! :slight_smile:
  • I have none! :frowning:

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Magna has got quite a lot of potential on Michelle & Donny teams so if you got lucky with her from the rarer 5* on recent wheels congrats! Lee is still available in 5* Token wheel, Elite Character wheel, PRestige recruits and in Ascendance by ascending 4*.


Lee was the 2nd 5* I ever pulled from a promo. Magna was the 2nd toon I ever got 2 off in the same pull. That was a 10 pull. :money_mouth_face:

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Have both but doubt magna will be as potent as she was in 5* days. Like the fact no bound weapon so can change up offense and defense.


I received Magna first back when 6 :star:s started. I kept her on my team until it wasn’t feasible to have a 5 :star: on a team. (I was then lucky to pull her blue 6 :star: shield and bring her back to the fold).

I got Lee from some random pull in one of those events early last year.

Got both from the 5* wheel just right after the new update.

Dammit… Just noticed that’s not the red shield Magna in my roster.

Had magna and sold her when i didnt know about the fact they make old 5* to ascendables :frowning:

How can we get them? Ascendance and 5* tokens?

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Looks like Lee will be the elusive F2P shield

You can still get Lee from 4* ascending.

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I had Lee 1 time but used him to ascend a character.

Thanks and magna is still available in ascendance?

Unless they changed it in this recent update yes she is still there.

I feel so bad that I sold her lol. I guess i will ascend a lot of 4*.

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Different Magna, not the shield


There’s another red Magna?

Theres 2 red magna. Shield magna cannot be found in ascendance

Red Magna was the first toon I ever spent real money on.in the 5* days, she was going to change my life. The first special weapon I crafted was for her. Stun, defense, and HP, even though I didnt have her yet. Didn’t get her. Tried almost every promo and got nothing. Still dont have her. Is she in the 5* token wheel? Maybe some day…

Ah you are indeed correct. Just remembered which one it was.

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have turned in at least 3 or 4 Lee’s for fodder…


I have both, and still use my magna on one of my attack squads. Her rush is dope.