6* Lance, Pete Team Counter Lead? First Look

Checking out Lance as a 6* character who has the potential to be a straight counter to Pete teams with heal reduction for 3 turns to an entire team on his rush.

Also able to have Fast and Tough characters behind him as a leader the likes of Hengyen with crosshairs, control and bleeds as well as Priya and her ability to block actives with Daze - with maybe a lacerator or controlling supporters in the same team defensive sustain teams that sit with Pete may not last very long.

Would you use Lance on an attack team?

  • Yes
  • No

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Better in defense, as he is also a straight counter to every attack team with a defense down and attack buff such as diego or alice


problem there is they will rush first and he will be killed then if not before.


In the era of s class a non s class has no place sadly


Behind a human shield and with a guardian as support, he may still rush more often then expected… after all, he rushes pretty fast, to be fair. I think it counters the recent Christa and Kapoor pretty good, to. The defense down from Christa and Kapoor’s maim rush. I’m thinking he’d make a great defense team with Pete, as the maim his 50% doesn’t block, Pete heals…

I don’t think most people care much about her defense tbh. It is the slow and damage they care about and ghetto decap.

I actually care about it and use it whenever needed… especially against high HP toons, such as Pete. Defense down from Christa and a rush from Michelle, and he’s pretty much down. So for me, that’s actually bad… :slight_smile:

Will Lance be a F2P toon? If not of course I won’t use him lol

He would need to rush turn 1 against top attacking teams since they can already beat Pete teams on the 2nd turn.

Everyone seems to not realize he removes ALL penalties. That means he can not only remove the current meta penalties (bleed, defense down) but he’ll be also able to stop any future ones like that Wangfa with hemorrhage and that new skill called infection. I wouldn’t downplay him.

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He is an all around toon, imo is better having as support behind Lao Po or Michelle for attack and supporting the team. He is a table turner, he can change the fight around, all around good toon and Maggie would be amazing with him.

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Theres already remove all penalties toons that die rather quickly

Laopo 6* , Maggie , lance , Maggie , Harper
With 4 x 8% ap and bleed and stun resist mode
Is the best defense I can think about right now

Can they carry abs like he can?

Zach can have stun while being attacked, Mackenzie can have impair, and gabrielle can have ap down. So those are comparable imo

not really. you can have impair and stun resist while ap down doesn’t matter since its for greens and greens can be ass-blasted by christa. so no not really comparable.

Gee I guess theres not a free sclass that blasts yellows. Hmmm let me think…

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you can obliterate that with pure damage though

Too slow as a leader… way to slow for attack imo.

Abs stops james’ damage since his ar is basic attacks so.