6* Kyle, Confuse 3 for 3 turns & He has a Bird!

New 6* Kyle brings a confuse lock rush to 3 characters as it lasts for 3 turns, reminiscent of 5* Priya from back in the day. 1200 Trauma is also quite a lot on his active but will have limited use due to it being turn 3, when he would usually rush.

Massive chance missed however in not having the bird be his weapon, like Marlon & Rosie, but the visual design of Kyle does look pretty cool.

6* Kyle, What is he best for?

  • Attack
  • Defence

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He’s technically good for both.

Must see if I can find a way to obtain 1.7k more coins without spending


Tapjoy maybe?

Save it for s class pull

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Love me some bird


Thats a freaking hawk not a bird lol

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No 6* are good enough to be in a defense team anymore man .

They should make a yellow kyle where his eagle or falcon has special bleed
(Eagles love to claw, I never been clawed but their claws are sharp as ever. Whenever his eagle attack he has a 80 chance of causing bleed)

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They should make some gr8 special effects like those of the King of fighters & Street fighters

It’s a falcon and they are considered Birds of Prey


And his name is Xerxes

hawkes are… birds… They have wings, feathers, beaks, not sure what else they could be maybe fish ? They’re just cool birds like Eagles, Condors, Owls, Falcons, and of course Parrots (minus when they eat your hair )

Absolutely crazy and OP. One of the most powerful toon in the game for sure.

he could still be used on a def team just with extremelhy high def

@Lockdown - Thanks for this video - I have pushed it on the blog :wink:


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