6* knox. Come on its been way too long

Yo since you made carley a 6* can you make knox one too? His 6* was leaked and i really want him. But for the love of god make him either a lacerator with the same rush or diffrent rush while keeping his neutralize.


I second this. Knox has been my biggest anticipation, would be great if Scopely could release 2 in quick succession…you know, to appease the angry mob re “New Pay Club”.

@JB.Scopely pleeeeeeease :slight_smile:

Right appease the mob until that mob sees that Knox doesnt revive 3 and heals all 100% plus gives 100% def for 5 turns with disarm.

Then the mob will pitch another fit.


So your telling me he won’t shield also, OUTRAGEOUS he sucks, scopely never gives us f2p anything


Plz plz plz don’t make Knox shity


Hopefully they keep the same theme and have the toon actually be better then the five, going to assume it’ll get pain split though lol

What’s all the hype behind Knox… Wasn’t that good as a 5 and won’t be as a 6. :man_shrugging:t4:

We want more Legacy toons I get it. Just won’t expect anything spectacular from scopely… whether they were p2p toons or free. :worried:

Just a question. When do you want to start leveling them? :grin:

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The day that I see he ain’t shity :wink:

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Wow…from where u got 4x knox?

Failed pull’s

: )

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The game needs a 40% atk huge AP when atking melee lead, that would be nice


Look we got enough leads. I want my bruce with a nutralize and bleed or Lacerator with mass bleed instead of 2

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Nah, I’ll take the lead.

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