6* Jiafeng with new Ability 'Trauma'

Another Typhoon promo character is released and this one brings with it a brand new ability: Trauma.

Trauma does damage based on the level of the ability and the amount of debuffs cleansed from the target. Jiafengs Trauma does 800 damage per debuff cleansed and in the example in the video - it does 2,400 damage for 3 debuffs cleansed by Gabe and 3,200 damage for 4.

Against removes all debuffs this is an extremely strong ability, however the majority of cleanses will only be one, maybe two. You will of course however have to have a wide variation of debuffing abilities for this to have a big impact.

What do you think of Jiafeng?

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Good as in ability? Or morally good? My answer depends on it lol. I’m just glad she’s not S-Class tbh


There are no morals in RTS. :wink:


You can say that again :joy:

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So thats why theyre selling gabe for 50comics only!! Bunch of F-krs Scopely!

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I’m still confused. Guess I’m not too smart… These new abilities are… :man_shrugging:t4:

go to 4:29 in the video and I show an example from the roadmap

You put two “the”. Exdeeeeee xd

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Fix ur brain bro this toon is insane practically S class without even being one. Guaranteed 500 bleed, add
150-200 bleed mod, nextt turn lacerates to 1300 bleed, and add 800 trauma if they have someone that can remove it. That toon is guaranteed dead

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hazards of doing this at 2am


Most dangerous thing about Zach - haemorrhage when he is in a solid tanky team. This Character can easily give it to 3 opponents on turn 2. Not only that but also adding lacerate into the mix on the same character (as well as bleed in the weapon and rush)- that is a HUGE amount of bleed, some of which just gets worse and worse and will never disappear until death. Then top it off that you can’t cleanse the bleed due to trauma! This toon could take down S Class, let alone normal 6 stars.
Also, she has a 1 handed weapon as a 6 star, why is she red not yellow?

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She throws it, a la red Sandy.

im not so sure if i will get jiafeng… unless they make her s class then ill surely try for her.

meta is alrdy shifting, 6* are becoming obsolete. full s class teams are just around the corner. scopely probably wont make much money from their non s class promos now.


non % dmg will be the only thing that has any sort of longevity, as it is not based on attack stat.


Agreed this is the worry for F2P

Do these trauma and exhaust effects stack like maim does?