6* Jessie Anderson, First Look

6* Jessie Anderson is the second Jessie to enter the game after the Gen1 Tough version. She is the definition of a support character who has def down block, Def buffs and heals in her kit. She also sprinkles a little bit of Focus on top and will work well on a defense team next to strong promo characters.

Characters like Ryan who have very strong parts of their kit but obvious weak parts: survivability. Jessie rounds out characters like this immensely and will be great alongside any Bide character as one shotting them with a def down debuff is one of their few weaknesses. She however may not work well with payback characters due to the big defense buff.

However, it is yet again another 6* Generation 2 Alert character in promos, the variation of traits is not too great right now.

Do you think there are too many Fast & Alert Gen 2 Promos?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think there are too many Alert Gen 2s especially OP Alert Gen 2s. Only Doc and Raven spring to mind for OP Fast Gen 2s. So couldn’t vote yes or no.

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Just setting them all up for priya promo.


Ummm Elle… lol :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


Haha yep fair point, forgot Elle. Still haven’t fought her outside roadmaps yet.

Oh. You are in for a treat.


Oh yeah, her and Ryan were mental in the roadmaps. I completed it, but only got 3 stars on 1 of all the maps combined.

Used yellow Lydia to buff Charlie and Kal with. The roadmap got relatively easy for me.

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Good thinking

Am i missing something or does this new jesse suck?

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Problem with her def down block is that unless commanded, she will it 1 turn too late


probably later as she has an active turn 2 as well.

But I do believe it also cleanses, could be wrong someone will have to confirm how the ones in the game currently work.

There’s no way players will buy her. If they do, that’s a serious problem…


What region you in … I’m coming there :laughing::joy::joy::joy:

Cook. Its an OG region as well and we have all the other mental toons, so no reason why we don’t seem to have a single Elle, but we don’t.

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Shes not in my ascendance tower anymore

She will be one of those rare toons that no one will have and be on a wheel soon.

I’m sure they made jessie and hina so they could add more toons to a wheel in the future


They pulled her out of the tower because everyone was saying she’s not OP enough. She’ll be back with an insane rush now. Way to go guys :joy:


Nope just bide lmao

Maybe they can do that with Romanov etc