6* human sheild ideas


Alrighty ik most of yall want old toons to be acendable so why not lee or Gator and I know Gator coming up but we dont know if he will be a human sheild, it would be a nice addition to a 6* make him have low def or attack it would be nice, like and reply if you agree or dont :grin:


6s are a money grab by Scopely. They will not let it be a existing 5. Pretty much they just want people to spend on crap pulls that they have bugged.


Yep thats how scopley is i made a post about it and it said the devs blocked it :confused: but yep they will do anything for moneychurch


The First Shield 6* Will be a New character with 2000 HP and 1800 Def with a Brand New 5* weapon (They Said they aren’t doing 5* weapon, but they also Said never a 6* in the Premier Wheels) that has absolute defense and stun.

Pretty much this.


Why should Gator be a shield when elevated ?

Imo the first 6* shield will be a new Pay2win ascendable 5* in premier recruits.
Then if we’re lucky enough, Lee or Michonne will be ascendable too.


It should be a rare 5*. Saying Pay2win is a comment made by someone who just became relevant through 6s appearing. If that’s not the case than I don’t know how having top end 5s that you bought 4 months ago that are now worthless can’t upset you.


It will definitely not be a current 5s as they have nearly all been in caches recently. Or acquired through ascension. I would also not expect any for another 6 months but bet Scopely can’t wait to cash in on the next big thing.


There should not be a human shield 6 *.


I don’t think anyone expected a 6* revive this fast either…


Why are you guys expecting a 6* shield?
Shields are outdated because of active skills like Shiva’s stun or Yumiko’s/Siddiq’s confusion.


True and the leader skills of high hp and defense seem to make old shields relevant and also the high attack seems to make them vulnerable to the hp def leads
I for one don’t want to see a 6* shield it won’t take any creativity for someone to run 2 shields 2 revives and a decent lead. Instead I’d much rather see more specialty skills things of strategic nature fingers crossed…