6* Green Aaron: is he any good?

Is he worth going for in lvl up event? How useful is he in raid/war?

No he blows

He’s just a slightly weaker version of Abe, but Aaron also heals.

He’s ok for survival road, but not much more.


I appreciate his healing. Not a fan of Carl only healing three while having a moderately slow rush.

i could use him not many melee healers in my rooster

Good for SR if you don’t have a decent green crit lead. Otherwise MEH

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if your running green only your wanting the leader skill and you need heals, aarons your guy

if you already have a healer on team, and want to mix in some yellow’s, abe green is your guy

aaron came out first, 40atk 36crit green only. then abe came out few weeks later, 40atk 36crit all melee, was kinda a slap in the face :stuck_out_tongue:

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