6* Gear Roadmap


@kalishane if we are going to have so many level up’s can we PLEASE get a 6* Gear roadmap? I can’t level anyone else up without some Hand Crank Radios and Military Watches.


6* gear is far too valuable to profiteering to ever let us get our hands on it in a road map. Letting people have a fair chance at actually playing for free is an incredibly unreasonable request! Get your wallet out.


Excuse me, friend. Kali did tell us back when Legendaries were released that there would be a roadmap for that. Not only that, but it was also announced when Legendary Ezekiel came by, that 6* Gear will be released in a map to help players upgrade Ezekiel and other future characters. It was a promise, but one that has been forgetten within the time.


Yes, its about time we get a 6 star gear map. We have been waiting and its long overdue. Please listen to the player base. @kalishane