6* gear lock is ridiculous

@JB.Scopely the lack of 6* gear (tripods/knife sheaths/practice dummies/sport gauntlets) in event prizes needs to be addressed. Currently that set of gear is only available in the league store and fa Depot while all the other gear is available in other avenues regularly.

GPS/Canteens - War prizes/milestones and league store
Whetstone/Hockey mask/ Double Holster/ Magazine Bandolier - War prizes/milestones and league store
Watches/Radios - Faction LU prizes, Faction SR prizes, League store
5* gear - roadmaps, league store, and gear Depot.

It takes 12 of sheaths/tripods/practice dummies/sports guantlets vs 1 watch/radio to Max level a 6* yet scopely gives out watches and radios in prizes like they are rare…your prize structure needs to change dramatically to include the lacking 6* gear that your player base is experiencing.

I think it’s about time scopely delivered on their promise for a 6* gear roadmap as well.


I have so much gear you can have some of mine

We will take it to the team in the next year



Scipley doesn’t care. Gear and Lilith lock is by design. Get to spending!


Agreed but working as intended…

As a player base, accepting bad design as working as intended is sad. Just because scopely can do it this way doesn’t mean they should. Having 2 different faction events with watch/radio bags as prizes is poor design.


Trust me I don’t except it. I don’t buy gear and I constantly bring it up on here. But no one answers despite the many threads made daily about how bad the gear situation is.
I also have no reason to pull for a toon anytime soon because no matter what trait or persona I don’t have enough gear to make them useable.


Only Monday and another three posts about it and completely ignored once again. It’s getting old quick.


They’ll change the next one with rng bags so you will get a 25% chance getting what you need/want.

Keep surviving…

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I would take that over more watch/radio bags at this point tbh…

2 different offers in the last couple days for 34.99…

I passed on both of them…

I might buy something if it wasn’t the only viable option…

But forcing me to do it makes me angry…



Promises usually being with “I promise to…”. I don’t recall any promises about 6* gear maps

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery


Yeah looks like next level up gives t3 gear for ranks 50 and down I believe so I will most definitely fall in that category.

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