6*Gear is needed.#Gear maps


We need 6* gear(well I know I do).Also wasn’t there suppose to be 6*gear maps?


Yes, six star maps were supposed to come out, but instead of releasing that, they focused more on this event and other released premiere recruits, and Faction Insult. No worries though because after the Thanksgiving event and this current event, things should be back on schedule. You see in every company or business, they always have scheduled plans, and sometimes those plans need changed causing previous plans to get pushed back, which is why we have so many level ups.

The six star roadmaps are fitting to be released sometime around mid-Dec before Christmas break. That is my prediction. These two events pushed the gear maps back, so I’m pretty positive of it’s release date. Everything will be back on par next month, also look out for the second Holiday toon to be released before Christmas, and a mini event to have a chance to earn a new holiday toon from the wheel as a gift from Scopley.