6* gear already!

What happened to events for 6* gear? I have so many waiting to be upgraded and can’t do it because there is absolutely no gear. It Is sooooo aggravating!! WE NEED GEAR PLEASE!!!


Still waiting for the Announcment on the daily roadmaps. I just hope we keep the friday maps with weapon parts and T1-T2 Gear at least.


Sorry, I can tell you that won’t happen for a while. And if it does it will be very limited, you’d most likely have to pay for some sort of energy that they provide for it.

They want you to purchase gear. Sorry, mate. :cry:

<- not paying for Gear. Is it not enough that we pay for coins, using them for toons we probably won’t get?


It’s a shame. I thought this solo levelup would be a great time to start a new gear event. I realize Scopely is a company and is out to make money, but in the last few months it’s clear they are not even pretending to care about their customers anymore.


They are too busy getting survivors club ready to take more money from us instead of giving the players a good gaming experience. This game is currently at an all time low. And that’s saying something.


Where did you hear about these maps?

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Wacha mean there’s no gear what about the gear up crate for 625 coins with rng crap inside?

Just keep spending, survivor. Or is it keep surviving, spender?

Oh, there is plenty of gear available. It just costs money now. :smirk:

Just wait CRW

Can’t wait for five star tokens this weekend.

Yep, this will be the first war in over a year and a half I won’t even bother hitting 100k.

Rewards in every event are complete trash and without 6-star gear you can’t level up and when you stop leveling up you realize that you don’t need any of the “rewards” being offered.

Scopely is making a huge mistake by not running the museum gear collections imo.


they are trying to extract every penny where possible from their player base



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I started complaining about 2 months ago for the lack of gear… And some say it was too soon and :poop:, well two months after and the lack of gear is hitting more and more people, scopely did listen tho and they been selling crappy stashes of gear ever since, well I refuse to get milk by scopely, is crazy that you pay/get lucky to get a character and you can’t use it, because scopely want you to pay for gear, that’s just dumb, 6* where released over a year ago and we still have a shortage of gear, WTF, still scopely put 5 lvl ups a week??? ( Overreacting on this, but you get the point)

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I swear to Christ if you have to join the survivors club for gear I will be done

We need gear so badly.

A museum collection or stash that tokens can be earned multiple ways daily, preferably a gear map for all tiers of gear .

Why bother pulling for toons that at this rate will take weeks if not months leveling and by that time be obselete.

I’ve been out of gaunlets, and gloves for a month, and ALL other gear has slowly drizzled to having maybe enough for 1 more toon. It’s getting ridiculous especially when you see they are giving a hiking boot as a milestone…like really…and yes I’m aware u can buy gear from league stores but unless u buy all of it the cool down timer doesn’t start, then you wait like 7 days. Meantime never fear there’s solo level up offering hiking boots, and then another faction level up with more useless items. They are stringing 1 or 2 pieces of random gear at us in daily level ups in which most is rng, so I’ll get more practice dummies I don’t need and 0 gauntlets.
I realize the game has always been about some gear management but with ascension intro the promise of more accessible gear was made. And giving little road maps with a police shield and a topo map isn’t a weekly gear map, nor is a depot with random gear.
Get it together and provide a real gear map. Offer 6x gear in a milestone. Provide more then 1 random piece in a bag. I promise you offering us a fair amount of gear will not take away from all the money you make.