6* Gator's AR Broken (Solved)

The description said that his AR gives up to 3 “teammates” the attack and crit buffs. However, I have tested Gator for a week. His AR gives the buff to himself every single time which is differ from the description. And this difference made Gator’s AR worse since we expect the attack buff would be applied to other toons with attacking AR. Please fix it. @CombatDevIl @kalishane


Screenshot your gator and post it here

Good point! No point gator getting the increase when he is there to boost everyone else, makes a huge difference to his importance.

If he gets the buff himself every time, the description should say “This character and up to 2 teammates get …”, right?

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@Agrajag, can you check this, please?

After i told him to

data looks like it should be applying to random team members (not never gator, but not always as stated), which it did on my first try on internal version


Stat buffs are random.


Thanks the team on the testing. I also tested today and found Gator gets the buff with around 50% chance.

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I ran the numbers last night (the probability of 1 individual out of a group of 5 being picked for a group of 3) the it came out to 66.6% so I can see why Gator came up so many times for you.

This nice person didn’t even try.


Please read.