6* for top War prize


So when will this be happening? You guys are already selling them.


I hope it never happens.


Spencer was supposed to be current Wars top 3 prize, but due to wheel bug they gave us tokens. Next War Spencer should be top War prize. If not, then Idk.


spencer is a garbage unascendable toon.


I don’t want Spencer. Better off just givi my him away for free. We want ascendable toons, not trash 5s that can’t be used even on offense.


Still a 5*, still takes 8 5* to even ascend which shouldn’t be the case now since they selling 6* all of a sudden.


As far as I’ve heard this won’t be a thing – at least not in the foreseeable future.


Then what exactly are top factions even playing for then?


Ascendable 5* maybe but never,ever 6*!!!


Unless you pay for it…lol


This would create more of a game imbalance than already exists.


Like Sundays ult gear maps


Take it to the team, the only way u can save the top players at thisp point.


AKA See you in 2018. <3


You’re right which is why I would support ascendable 5* as prizes. If by 6* the OP means fully formed, ready to go 6* then that is the equivalent of 8 5* plus however much in resource is required. That is WAY too much imbalance.


You realize people can buy them now, so the inbalance is there regardless.




Does it mean we play for useless 5*??? For what…5* are so useless since 6*

6* is the biggest shit…sorry


So it is possible there will be 6* prize next war then? Since “we will never add 6* in premiere wheel” means it will be there in 2 months.