6* Elena - 3 turn full team heal block potential

6* Elena comes with a 3 turns bleed and heal block that can potentially hit an entire team - it cannot be blocked by guardian2 shields as it does no initial damage and with her weapon, which gives Focus for the first 8 turns of every wave (that would be the first 8 turns of a raid) she can bypass shields while also avoiding taunt and confuse during that time.

However she does have some drawbacks as her weapon adds attack% when she does not need any as well as a direct counter to her weapon in Elle. But her overall revive/heal control is incomparable to any other character out there.

She is also being promoted on the promo wheel in the same old way that promos use to be - not any of the collectibles to turn in for a museum collection for the character - just a straight usual % chance with odds display of chance of her as a 5* ascendable or a 6* character.

Do you prefer pure % odds for promoted characters on pulls?

  • No, I prefer Collectibles
  • Yes, I prefer pulling characters directly

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Collectibles are so stupid. Nobody wants to pull and receive a piece of a promo.


any idea what’s exhaust is?

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I am with you buddy. Was really hoping this post was gonna explain exhaust… seemingly missing from description when she has a turn 1 active with an unknown active …does the exhaust onl ly last 3 turns? Or is that permanent like maim?

Take one for the team and buy her so we can see lol

Dont think I have ever pulled the actual promo… I tried a single with league coins and scored a decap wayland … figured that was sign to stop

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Priya (when she promo-d after 6*s), Wyatt, (when he was good), and Pete ( but not the S-Class version), hence I oppose collectables lol

Just imagine a team with at least 3 of her… It’s the official death of human shields?

Some one in the video’s YouTube thread says that they pulled 3 of her in one big pull…

I pulled 20 in a 10 pull
still dunno what the active does

Thank you. So every 10% would give 250 maim damage. Wow… hitting Doc Stevens could wreck his own team! 100% AP gain on Doc, Blue Morgan, Shiva etc would cause 2500 maim damage. and with someone like Blue Morgan that would mean you can’t even risk attacking. BRUTAL!

Human shields have been dead for a while.

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doc can easily ve given more than 3k hp, and zach will just cancel that exhaust status on turn 2.

THIS should have been the Anniversary Toon!


I think she’s great but cannot afford to pull for her or other toons as i have a family to feed

Exhaust does 2.5k with his active and 400 bleed. All you need to do is take him below 2.5 turn one and he will suicide.

Ever thinked about divorce or getting a cheaper living situation. You need Elena

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I do need Elena but pops always said it’s cheaper to keep her lol

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Take him below 2.9 when counting the bleed on top. :wink: