6* dwight's AR is broke

Hello there, i just made a couple of test with faction mates, and realized dwight’s ar not working as it should. I noticed that when using dwight’s ar, it may suffers the effects of opposing weapons special ability like stun, ad and impair.

for example if you attack a stun, you can be stunned, in the same way you can take two damage 0 against absolute defense.

I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.

It’s not broken; that’s how multi attack ARs work.


That’s how it should work on the second attack
Not on the first one. You may get 2 ad (aka double 0)
Theresa does not work this way. Second yumiko neither

That’s how this ar works get used to it or get good. No one complained about teresa with the stun when attacking or yumiko with impair when attacking so get your facts straight

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In fact, people did complain. For both. Lol

Not a bug, check the reference guide:


Tvm, i’ve missed it and remember that this could happents only on the second and third attack, not on the first one.

Sad to hear Dwight’s AR has no money left. =(

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It can happen on any number of attacks as part of the multi-attack rush.

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It went for too many big pulls

Yeah definitely not a bug. i noticed it with Teresa.

Not broken that’s how it works, and I love his ap with a double attack weapon, it can proc 4 attacks to 2 different targets, 2 attacks each, killing both…yea I love my Dwight

Live and learn, and then get Dwight :slight_smile:

That was like 4k damage each one too :smile:

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I wasn’t expecting the 4 attack AR to happen as often as it does but it happens really often!