6* Dwight weapon

my 6* dwait weapon cant refect in my inventory means i cant upgread his weapon and scopley replied this…

Yup. Just equip a military shotgun on him.


This is a good thing bind weapons are a pain

At least you got a response im still to wait for my response on my ticket



This shit was answered a year ago



The weapon isnt a bound weapon, it’s a default weapon. Like the default pistol, assault rifle, etc. You can’t upgrade it because it’s a default weapon.

whos dwait?


its d-wade


a rapper from the sudan


Aside from the fact that you are nowhere near a noob of the game. What was this thread suppose to mean?

Lol I wonder if support asked the same to him/she :joy:

I also asked this a couple of months ago. Would have been good if they’d carried on the trend of allowing equipped weapons to be swapped out with another weapon (as long as they could be upgraded unlike Dwights).

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This was my first post on forums :nerd_face:. It is a ghost weapon. Doesn’t really exist. Choose another better weapon to equip for him if you have one.

That’s actually a pretty good answer from support. It’s correct and thorough

There is 2 6* Dwights, both Blue. One has a bound crossbow, the other does not have a bound weapon. “Something to fear” and “A new threat”, so it depends on which version the person has.

That crossbow is not bound. It is a default crossbow. A bound weapon is upgradable and can’t be replaced on the character, a default one can be replaced and can’t be upgraded.

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I don’t have that Dwight and yes you are correct, that crossbow does not have the yellow pistol that bound weapons have so it can’t be upgraded.

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thanks friend ur answer help to solve the problrm☺

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