6* Dwight’ weapon, hope it’s not a bug {SOLVED}


I just ascended my Dwight to 6*, and couldn’t find his weapon anywhere, not in my inventory, not in the armory craft list. And then I found out that I can equip him with any weapon I want! I hope it’s not a bug.

No 6* Dwight crossbow bug?

it is not a bug, it is a feature.


I think what’s confusing you is that 5* Dwight doesn’t have a weapon. 6* Dwight does.

Edit: sorry, you did ascend him. Not sure why you can’t find his specific weapon, but he can carry other weapons instead of it.


I really hope so, but his default weapon is not added to my inventory, nor show up in the armory.


It’s probably a bug. But you’ll probably have to wait until Friday to get a response because of the holiday.


It was stated that the default weapon would not be in the inventory as it is classified as his “default weapon”. But yes, you can equip any :tough: weapon on him like the original 45 AR :tough: :rebel: Dwight (future ascendable).


See 4* Jesus’s default weapon, which has no modification slot, but Dwight 's default weapon is actually a craftable item.


I see what you are comparing… I think my explanation was weird.

The original Dwight that was released ~1.5-2 years ago(?) also has a default crossbow on him. You could use a different weapon on him if you wanted but the “default crossbow” isn’t removable.

Also I don’t think you can rip Jesus’ leg off and use it as a weapon in combat XD


lol. I really hope it’s not a bug. not a fan of that default crossbow.


So 6* Dwight’s crossbow is being treated as a better default crossbow, so you won’t be able to upgrade it, as intended.

Dwight’s Weapon MIA?

Wow. I thought I’d be able to keep the Stronger Trait Attack and put an AP bonus on it. This sucks.


IT sucks anyway …myself checked today i cant Level da crossy bow . Määäääääd Diss ist bugging me insane


I was initially pissed about this but Dwight works so much better with a Double Attack weapon over Stronger Trait. That AR is too damn good when Double Attack procs


He also can be stunned and impaired during his AR attack. This definitely needs to be addressed.


This is as intended, his AR uses regular attacks, so he can still be affected by weapon effects.