6* Dwight rush blocked by Absolute Defense (Not a bug)


6* blue Dwight’s adrenaline rush keeps getting blocked by characters with absolute defense weapons, but that should be impossible since absolute defense cannot block adrenaline rushes. I assume this is a bug with Dwight’s adrenaline rush. It happens in raids and during war.


His adrenaline rush isn’t normal. It does two normal attacks with amplified damage. Pros are it allows for modified weapons to proc more but the cons include like you mentioned


This is normal and has been brought up multiple times, Bruce is the same.


His rush is 2 x 350% attacks which can get blocked by AD, rushes that can’t be blocked say ‘deal %%% damage’

You’ll get used to it.


It also reflects damage back at you so careful


This is more beneficial on walker maps also as you can throw a critical weapon on him and destroy 2 walkers on very hard SR maps.

Basic attacks sorry


But doent Bruce ignore stun on def weapons etc due to disarming


Almost everything there is to know about Dwight. Talks about the AD situation and reflect.


People should learn to read characters’ cards…


Bruce shouldn’t be the same. Disarm bypasses AD


Eh, that rush is so worth it with double attack. No regrets with him


Possible min 2 attacks to max 4 attacks while killing 2 is definitely a plus


Nope he does multiple supercharged normal attacks so weapons can proc


I had the same question with hitting red toons with stun guns unfortunately his ar is a special case…