6* Dwight : no special weapon?


I just faced a 6* Dwight defense for my own curiosity and I saw him with the “A New Threat” AK74 (screenshot so it happened).
In the elevation monument (I didn’t complete the 6* Dwight collection), he’s shown with his crossbow as a special weapon. Is that possible?


His default weapon can be switched out for another. His default cant be used by anyone else or upgraded tho


It was stated nowhere in-game, I thought it was the same kind of weapon as 6* Yumiko or Barker, another weapon to upgrade.

Praise the false advertising.
@kalishane any explanation ?

Edit : it was stated in the characters stats but not really visible. Gg Scamly


In-game, his weapon is shown to be not bound. That’s pretty visible.


Not for everyone


How so? As far as I know, it isn’t showing differently for players.


How is a weapon shown as bound or not bound?

For Barker, Theresa, Yumiko, Shiva, etc all of them have a unique weapon on their character portrait. Dwight has the same thing so it seems safe to assume that the crossbow is bound to him.

Legit question, I don’t know how to tell the difference.


There’s a little symbol upon looking at the weapon that tells the difference.


I don’t see any symbol. Though when I tap into the weapon for Barker there is text that says this weapon is defaulted to Barker.

Does that mean the crossbow is available for any character to use?


What’s likely most confusing or misleading is that there are 3 visible boxes that indicate the number of upgrades that can be added to the weapon similar to Yumiko or Barker’s weapons. (I think it was said that would be fixed.) But there is the lack of a goldish symbol on the weapon’s profile that those weapons do have which indicates this weapon is NOT like those.

It holds the appearance of a bound weapon at first glance due to the visible upgrade ticks and fact that he comes with it but in reality it’s just a “better than average” default weapon like OG Dwight’s Crossbow or Jesus’ Boot. Not upgradable, not usable other than with character it comes with, and next to a 3* weapon in usability.

It’s disappointing and kind good at the same time. You can give him decent weapon you already have upgraded to him and not worry about trying 20 times to get a special stat for ONE character but at the same time it’s yet another a cool looking weapon model that is essentially wasted because no one in their right mind is going to use a default weapon with stats of a 3* weapon.


I didn’t complete the Dwight collection because I believed he had another stupid special weapon which I need to upgrade to make him viable in PVP.
And now I see people running 6* Dwight + AK74. Another disgusting scam from our favorite game developer


There’s the symbol.


If that is why you didn’t complete it then you’re a fool. His ar of 2 attacks which damage as high as his is like 2 eagle eyes going off. The fact that you would hace had to alter a weapon shouldn’t have affected that


Thank you for putting the time into that reply.

Gun symbol in bottom right = bound to character.


I don’t think you know what a scam is…


Yea… I’m kinda lazy. I didn’t even want to do the pictures to begin with until you said you still didn’t see the symbol.


There’s enough actually wrong with this game without just making up extra stuff.


I was looking in the list of available characters for ascension. I’d like to think I would have noticed the symbol if I had other weapons side by side.


Too late now to blame my own stupidity. As far as I know, I’m not the only one getting fooled by his weapon.
But he wouldn’t have changed my attack set-up. I already have a strong offensive team.


TBF I think this is the only default weapon in the game that’s not shown as a 1* weapon.

Seems fair to assume a 4* weapon is bound to the character, as all others of the same level are.