6* Dwight is going to be given or buyed?


He is going to be given on some farmable roadmaps or it is going to be another way to buy a chance to have a 6* ? I dont wanna get my hopes up for be another way to be forced to get 6*


Which 6* Dwight do you mean?


The Collection one, the message we got 11 days ago states, Part 2 Epic Dwight Collection.
collect Leather vest and barbed wires available in Roadmaps and Live Events.


Gonna have to buy him. The last two items you need to claim him, will be in a wheel, but you only have a chance to het them, just like Michonne head event. Yeah, I know it sucks, but at least we get his gun for free.


Technically it’s not for free if you have to pay into buying bits for the wheel.


Well, I can’t control what happens at LiveOps, so just prepare your wallet, and hope you get enough to pull for a chance at the gear for 6* Dwight.


probably one free pull with 1% chance of getting him, the rest you can buy


Lol, my wallet is shut for this game until they figure their shit out.

Not really bothered about the gun, just wanted to point out that scopely no longer give anything away for free.
Even if you work your butt off to get it.


Well, duh… That’s why you must prepare your wallet in advance. Scopley has an A on my list. Was able to get what I paid for. I enjoy their offers. @kalishane, please up the prices of offers to at least $250 a pop. That would be nice, also tell LiveOps to up the milestones to 4M for a chance at awesome gear. I love what y’all are doing. Keep up the good work. :blush:


At this point, I don’t care if Dwight is free or requires some money. That’s lame to say but it’s the way it goes.


Wipe the brown stains from around your mouth :joy:


Lol, you’re trifling. :persevere:


I love that about me :heart_eyes:


I don’t mind paying for stuff, as long as it’s interesting or is going to be a massive help to my team.


30 days left, i have faith that he’ll be free.