6* dwight in 5* tokens and ak in 4* token


@kalishane could yall put dwight in the 5* tokens for the people who couldnt get him it be a great addition like how yakl put tripp and limited time negan dwight and jesus in there how about a nee threat dwight and maybe a update to the 4* weapons to like his ak?


Maybe dwight eventually, but he probably needs to be exclusive for a lot longer first otherwise it devalues the event. I think negan was exclusive for over 6 months.


So few players getting Dwight or the rifle in a 40-day event is a problem. It’s not that people didn’t participate. Out of an almost full faction, I am the only one who got them. Most members are on every day but couldn’t reach the ridiculous levelup milestones. I got the rifle and barbed wire ok but by the time vests were rewards, I only had ascension fodder toons to level up. The previous 2 tourneys, I only hit the first milestone. Scopely’s lack of raid tourneys are the only reason I got enough vests as I was sitting on almost 30 refills. If it were truly a fair event, we’d see just as many of this Dwight as we do yellow Dwight/Jesus, Tripp or Ezekiel. Flash roadmaps or 24-hour raid drops would have been a better solution.


This event was different to some events, like choose your side, of shiva force, which pretty much guaranteed you the toon. It was also different (better) than the Negan event last year which relied on an RNG wheel irrespective of how much work you put in. It falls in the middle, so dwight is going to be more common than ltd edition Negan, but less common than shiva force zeke, or revive jesus. Not everyone was meant to get Dwight by design. Understandably some people are annoyed they haven’t got him, but the event was engineered in such a way that this was intentional


I dont doubt it was intentionally hard to gain dwight, not everyone should get him, I’m just relieved that i made it in the end, it was just the seemingly endless level ups that pee’d everyone off.

No time to prep, not time to plan.

If there had been gear available on a raid tourney or SR event along with a level up i dont think there would be such an outcry.

I only made it after ascending miraboobs at the last minute, so to put all the parts in the level up ‘pot’ hacked everyone off and meant only people lucky enough to have toons to level made it.


While I feel for you if you didn’t get one or the other, exclusivity is needed to keep this game interesting. There is a clearly defined meta now and it’s going to continue on that path if everybody continues to get the same characters.

Look at leaderboards during the next war. Make note of how may window-licker Mirabelles and emo Carls you see. Almost everybody has one of them, if not both. You’re gonna see a ton of Tyreese, probably multiples on many teams. Yumiko is another that’s everywhere. Shiva, Zeke, Negan, Barker, etc…

When characters are handed out to the majority it just plain sucks. I had to grind to get my Dwight. I’m sure you worked your ass off and it sucks that you fell short, but it happens. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get the next one that destroys Dwight and I won’t.


I would agree with you if I could understand Scopely reasoning behind level up milestones. If this Dwight event was engineered so only a minority of players would get him, then these new level ups are engineered so that only the minority of players get to the 1st, maybe 2nd, milestone. That could be the case. Or it could just be that Scopely doesn’t understand their own game.

I’ve said in other posts, events should be one or the other - free reward or pay reward. Long events like this should be free. Players that put in daily, or almost daily, grind should get more than enough of the rquirements. Short events, like Knox or the turkey/corn one, should require purchases to complete.

I completed the turkey roadmap, receieved 100 turkeys from another reward and was still 300 short. It ended quickly. I didn’t put a lot of time or resources into it. No harm no foul. The Dwight event is a different story. I would have been pissed if I didn’t get him and I don’t blame those who are ranting, quitting spending or even quitting the game over it.


Some people deserved Dwight more than others. It would just be a buzzkill to smack him and his gun into tokens.


Eventually. There’s not much that isn’t subject to losing it’s exclusivity. So I can dig it. But not too soon. I didn’t spend resources, barely getting just enough of what was required, just to watch someone do nothing but get a lucky pull a mere month later.


That’s why he’ll be in the wheel tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats false. I play daily sometimes to slow down the grind for a top 10 faction on entire game during solos my people dont go hard, keeps you from getting burnt out.

I didnt go hard for a solo SR and didnt get the gun, and quite frankly its bs.


i am done with this game now also … 40 days of frustration to get nothing because all relevant milestones are set so high that people could reach them only with 6*
red plastic parts roadmaps same thing…
i am playing this game since a year now in top 3 fraction and i am paying and playing about 10 h daily and dwight is the first character i didn’t get this way.

this and the fact that we have now pay wars because the cans aren’t really dropping makes this game useless for me…
they build in a pay/frustraion wall now on every single event,

they could just give us a chest with 100 of each parts of Dwight for 100 Coins, Max 3 chests so people wich actually did much but wasn’t able to get these items because 100k mission wasn’t there or somithing

i managed to get 950 and 935 of these items for dwight and this so frustrating not getting him after 40 days…

sorry for bad english


I got the AK from the event. But i agree. When you put 3 level up tourneys in a row, theres no way in hell youll have enough toons to level up unless youve been saving for quite a while, or you spend a lot of money. I spent $700 trying get all that stuff. And i only managed to get the rifle. Im one of the top players in the region, and I, had a problem with that. I had no legendary medals to ascend anything else to level either. Which is just bull*


Lmao. What region are you in, ill keep that in mind.


I may sound biased because I have both Dwight and the AK 74 but I’m gonna have to say no to this. If there’s one thing we need, it’s variety. If they did something like the Pick your Side event and gave us the ability to pick between any of the new threat toons, that would’ve really helped. However, they decided to put only Dwight in there, make him extremely hard to get, and put the rest of the new threat toons in premier recruits. With Dwight being hard to get, it negatively affects most players but positively affects the overall game by contributing to variety. Even though, it would be best that no future events turn out like a new threat. It must be unsatisfying to put so much effort in a 45 day event just to end up getting nothing.