6* Donny, New Legacy Ascendable

Little look at the new legacy ascendable, Donny! defensive leader skill similair to Carl/Erika/Eric with 40/40% to Def/HP but this time around to Alert and Fast, a new combo for this defensive lead. The AP boost on his rush will be handy for certain slower fast characters like Lydia and Tyreese and he packs quite a punch while still having good defensive stats due to being a gen2 6*

Will you be ascending Donny to 6?*

  • Yes
  • No

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If you have any specific team ideas for Donny, do list! I think Shield Jesus and any of the fast revives would be great with him.

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As soon as I get him he’s definitely going to the top of the priority ascendable list :slight_smile:

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It’s weird no one in our region sees these survivor tokens or Donny yet.

At this point there is no list they just release old toons and make em to 6*s

As the old saying of the Himalayan monks goes “Hell yeah”

But I don’t have Donny, so as my saying goes…
“I would if I could”

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Any way to get him other than ascending a 4star?

That is da only wae, mah bruddah

Already did. Nice video as always. Keep surviving! :grin:

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Thanks, I thought so

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Stun gun stun gun AD AD stun gun, shield shield revive revive revive, bonus hp bonus hp bonus hp bonus hp bonus hp.


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Reds are still the weakest on defense imo. Doubt we see many of these defenses.

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Lol prepare to see some Erika/Lydia/Shield Jesus combos


Eh. Don’t think it’s worth it. Donny isn’t a revive. They would be giving up a revive. He doesn’t add much to defenses besides his lead skill. Those whale team already have full revive/shield/guardian combos. Adding Donnie would be a step down imo

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He can make revive Tyreese/Lydia go off a turn earlier on def teams which adds a lot.

You can accomplish the same thing with an 8 percent weapon. And your assuming he gives the ap gain to them and not the shields.

8% weapons on defense are trash :rofl::rofl:, thanks for the easy targets… But that’s just my opinion. I’ve seen some and they all die easily.


They bumped up Donnie but didn’t touch Monica?!

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Ap gain isn’t random, it is given to who ever has the least to gain.

More good players have disarm now anyway. And you can tank up the 8 percent so it survives turn 1 behind the shield. And if your going to talk about focus on turn two then I’m sure Donnie would be the target so he can’t use his at and charge two toons.

Which would go to the shields instead of Lydia and Erika since the shields might not attacks and don’t have ap gain on attack correct?