6* Disarming Michonne


New 6* Michonne with a default aug looks like michonne here likes some pubg, what are yalls thoughts on her?

If you would’ve known michonne was getting her damage halved would you have still pulled for her?
Michonne RTS #5&6

Worth pulling for imo


Indeed! :coins:




mmmmh smell like a dream, and a peace of lie and fake


Am ready to pull


She’s on a roadmap just like previous premiers were before they were released. She’s coming for sure.


Is she an upcoming promo? Not a bad toon- if she’s released soon I may pull for her. Don’t know with all the specialist skills if it works as well on defense, but interesting.


I haven’t been this unnerved about a toon entering the wild since Priya.


Yes she is upcoming more than likely tommorow


Her weapon is unique. First weapon with an ability you can’t get from the armory – better chance to confuse for 2 turns when attacking. aside from that, her rush is slightly worse than Bruce’s, being identical in every way except slower and without the defense or providing bonuses to an ally, and her stats are relatively the same as bruce’s but swapping out 100 defense for 100 more attack. And instead of ap drain she has recover impair.

So she’s a blue Bruce with a cool weapon that has a chance to add confuse for 2 turns to her rush. If you’d pay for Bruce, you should pay for her.


If that weapon was on sale for 100 bucks you would see a ton. I am thinking what I will put on it.


Fought my fair share of legendary blues with a Mirabelle and 4 blue team. A straight-on offense will put them down, Easy Street. Add ascended RTP Rick to the mix and she’ll be dead turn 1, 2 max for sure. I won’t sleep on her, that’s for sure.


I’d take confounding specialist skill over confuse on a gun + disarm.

Imo Bruce with his weapon build potential of 40 crit + stun atk is more effective, he also rocks 58 AP which is pretty awesome for offense. Confuse does not turn off weapon abilities so you are relying on crit to make a whole in a windowless team.

Certainly not bad but if trait was not a deciding factor I’d choose Bruce > Michonne. But since trait does matter, definitely worth pulling if you stomach the cost.


How many of those Bruce weapons exist? Could take 1 or 100 tries… not like you can retread one of the stun weapons you had and most are 125 long ago who pulled him. Not mention you won’t go 40 crit due to going for huge on attack.


Atleast 1.

Since crit is a thing now, it isn’t a bad investment for roster flexibility.


Priya two point zero. Only what makes her insane is her defense stats. Even with a yellow hitter she’s gonna take a beating, especially with an erika lead. Christ.

Edit: She has higher defense stats in another duplicate thread.


You know this toon is going to be seen alot on erika teams and will prove to be damn good. She strong enough to str8 up kill a mirabelle from her first attack and will likley confuse/disarm the next toon on her second attack. Even thou people have rick doesn’t mean they are safe not like rick has decapitate once we see the future blue toon with revive on her active skill to couple with erika so I expect to see some good things all across the board. All my opinion thou.


I won’t be pulling. I used to pull for every new toon. Then one day, I realized that no matter how OP my attack team and defense was, it literally meant nothing, since we are competing for garbage prizes … soooo yeah, that’s my take lol.


For the record, I think she is an amazing toon with an amazing default weapon. But it’s Power Creep 2.0 … maybe after they release a few more toons like this, they’ll announce “Double Ascension” :rofl: