6* Denise with Revive 2 Active Skill

The first dual revive makes its way into the 6* era with Denise & her bow. She is a Tough medic with a full team cleanse of heal reduction however not everyone will get boosted by the 25% heal for 4 turns and defense buff.

Active revive, what do you prefer?

  • Revive 2, Cooldown 8 Turns [2 Uses]
  • Revive 1, Cooldown 4 Turns [2 Uses]

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The main question will be about the active revive, would it have been better as the old revive 1 so it went off more often or is it fine the way it is?

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she sucks can’t see why anyone would pull for her , raids and match ups in war don’t last 8 turns


I am 100% sure someone will pull for her, she isnt good at all but gambling addicts need their fix


Garbage :-1:


she should be given as a f2p toon, I really can’t see her making scopely any money at all

What? Turn 8??

Of course they pull for her???
I can see it paired with the new sc decap (if it could be used now) and 2 shields blue/green with Eric lead.
Some what a counter to Alice teams.

Just like that red Jesus with his 100% ap that cant be used til turn 8. She may fare well in a different meta or other parts of the game but definitely not a toon id spend on besides maybe collection purposes for those who are denise fans

You should have ended the fight turn 8 so I prefer single revive with a 4 turns cooldown

Turn 8 active skills? It’s been a year since fights lasted that long lol. Massively outdated, only addicts will pull for her.

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Sound like she’s meant for long-haul fights, such as being a healer for an offensive team against a really solid defense team, or against ridiculously buffed roadmap enemies. She’s a niche character that won’t help premium players, but would help freemium players, which is why I hope she’s an event toon rather than a promo.

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I give it a month before she’s in an event or war wheel, absolutely nobody with sense will pull for her this week.

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If you need more than 5 turns to win a raid, your attack team sucked ballz

Maybe she is planned as a walker horde toon? Otherwise I cant explain these strange stats on her.

Bet your correct



Her defense buff needed to be at least 75 and stay 75 for her to have value. It starts and sixty and she losses 15 percent every turn? Why? Hard pass.

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#F2P4LYFE :joy:

prolly be some mesuem collection which needs her for alice redemption prolly

They finally make a toon that doesn’t look like garbage from an artistic point of view but then make it complete garbage with a terrible ar and ridiculous 8 turn active. Smh. :smirk:

She really seems like she should have been an event toon where people who are f2p or collectors might have tried to get her. As a premiere toon, I just don’t get it. Only the whalest of whales will even bother.