6* Dale, first alert command with an amazing active skill

Dale finally gets a top level character as he is the next promo, he is also the first alert command within the 6* era. His active is something else, 3 turn heal block and team focus for all. Would probably work really well with Alice.

Would Dale work in your teams?

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Wow… three turn heal reduction to all? Well they solved the revive problem.


Dales active is way better then his rush. Yes maim is nice vs all these tank teams but 400 maim? Didn’t watch video just looked at the card . 800 maim or something would of made him an all around amazing character.

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400 maim damage LOL.

Question: does his active apply to already dead enemies?

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The only problem I see with this character is that his rush and his active skill are both on turn 3. If his active was turn two it would be amazing.

More of an attack option, guess I may have to dust off all the heal reduction mods I ignore

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Def teams in current meta still only rush turn 3 so his active would go first. Eventually once ARs speed up on def it will be non effective, pretty sure you cannot command an active to go a turn early.

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So all this means is once again the p2w get a huge leg up because now they can stop heals from going off for 3 turns meanwhile the f2p won’t have this so the whales will be able to continue to run their crappy time out defenses.

Wanderer had to be nerfed but this guy is alright. :smirk:

You also just made shield Andrea pointless so why would anyone bother with the sub now? If Dale was an event toon then this would have been a step in the direction to break away from this boring time out meta but of course not. Why do that?

WTF are they thinking? :confused:


Why would the top tier players buy him when they can generally beat teams in 2-3 turns. His active can be cleansed definitely useful but meh imo. Save ur coins


Alice rush, dale rush, green alpha rush… all dead


Review’s wrong. He’s not carrying an impair gun.


Dang the confuse is scary, but impair O O F

A further leg up wasn’t necessary. Honestly heal reduction isn’t needed for these top tier teams. It’s. Probably more of a fit for use by mid-tier teams to close the gap a bit vs top tier teams without needing all the latest premiers.

Better to just consider it a guardian sheild clear ability. Though those will prevent the debuff.

Don’t discredit this 10 more debuff over harper. Since dmg increases through some degree of atk/def, this is major dmg output increase.


Yeah I know the top players have all the offensive firepower they need right now but the main point is if this toon was made available to all it could get us away from this boring time out meta and instead it’s once again locked for all but the people willing to gamble away hundreds of dollars on a 2% chance.


So you want everyone to simultaneously get a 100% heal reduction that completely negate your recent additions (Solange, sandy, Eric)?

Honestly this doesn’t really end it as a status removal likre gab or mackenzie will be able to clear such a debuff.


This needs more Likes

They can’t make a toon like this f2p. That would just make all the last 6 months of spending useless. That would be insane. While this toon is obviously amazing, I don’t think he’s a need. Enough defense down toons that can be substituted.

So the release of 6-stars wasn’t a total reboot for everyone? Especially the ones who spent and built up a squad of top toons?

Only whales would have an issue with this toon being made available for everyone in a contest. Why does this not surprise me in the slightest? It’s because you need to justify all the money you poured into this game as having some sort of value. Well, let me clue you in. It doesn’t.

Not at all. But be accusatory if you must.

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Finally, a toon that can actually counter the current meta. If only this guy was freemium. They could take his rush down to defense down for 1 turn and he’d make a fairly balanced free toon.