6* Connor (next promo) leaked


Hmmmmmm… to sacrifice 4*s for him or to get more loris…

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If anyone says boo we don’t want him
I will virtual punch you
Connor is very good


Apart for SR, I don’t see any use

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He is pretty damn good. Holy hell.


I agree some nice debuffs

Wonder how he’s gonna pair with josh and zeke
I mean not the most ideal raid leaderboard with those 2 you could probably have a fun time

5* connor is a good SR leader. 6* Connor will be a better SR leader.

Too many Carl/shiva/wyatt/Glenn teams about for Connor/zeke/josh to work I think.

That defense down will let you cut through teams with ease. Definitely worth it, wish I had him.

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Here’s the thing doe let’s put Carl lead and connor behind him if Connor goes off which he will if Glenn’s in that team your not gonna have a fun time he’s yellow so abs def will keep. Him alive and his rush year connor is not just for Sr but for rendering toons with marshmallow weapons and paper armour effectively

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Agreed Conner is great for both attack and defense. Still trying to get him thru ascension :cry:


Hey at least your not getting carolined going for lori

Or fucking Vernoned…-.,-

You can get him from ascending 4*s?

Yes you can get him by ascending 4* fast toons.