6* Command Glenn


Is he worth ascending? Or is 6* Siddiq the better option?


If you run melee I’d say he’s worth it.

If you’re asking for a blunt comparison of the two then siddiq is better since Glenn’s job is better done by sr zeke


Yeah for a melee team. With Vince at lead.


If you have spare medals then sure go for it but if medals are tight then I’d advise against it.

Your decision


If you are looking at a Vince-lead team, Glenn is better than Sid.
Since he benefits from the lead skill.

In a vacuum, Sid is better.


In this new meta imho mixed melee-ranged teams in defense are the weakest.

i.e. a Siddiq with carl lead just get killed 1st turn (sometime also without towers). Same for a melee with Mira/Erika lead.

In the era of 6* you’re forced to build full melee or full ranged to benefit properly of leader skills (a mixed one blue-yellow only if you’ve Garrett)

So in brief: if you’ve Carl go for it. Eventually you’ll ascend both of them imho.


Glenn is useless trash. Dont do it.
(Hope my post wont be flagged)


I love Glenn on my team . My team is mixed melee and ranged. I don’t have siddiq but kill him easily every time I face him.


Shhhh dont tell them. I like building ar and getting an easy kill round one.

Siddiq if you run ranged and Carl if you run melee. @JDARIPPER617


Building AR on an Ap down weapon with plus 40 defense and risk his ar going off if you don’t kill him? I personally don’t use him on defense but he’s a pain.


Ap down does absolutely nothing on t1 as there is no ap to be lost. Wasted and I take him down almost all the time t1. Not enough people put the def on the weapon as they should. If that’s the case I will confuse or impair him with an active skill and one shot him with an ar. He’s done. Put Glenn in their because command can cause big problems if you don’t keep it under control. SR Zeke had his time in the sun but now its time for him to retire with all the other 5 stars.


Um… okay… lol ap down does nothing on t1? What are you talking about… you don’t gain any AP if it activates. It’s the same thing. Weird.


This used to be the case, but is it still the case? Thought they fixed it so that it applies after the attack?


You know I’m not sure. All I know is hes dead and he never pops off his ar so either way useless on defense. On offense where the ai is not smart enough to shut him down he can still be great.


To be fair, I agree with what you’re saying - SR Zeke only gives me issue when I need to take out a couple of Shiva’s first, and by the time I’ve done that, who gives a crap if he rushes? Anything with claws and orange stripes that could do damage is dead.

Just interested in the AP down mechanic more than anything else


Yep. Shutting down Shiva is way more important. I got Yumi for confuse, Ty and Dwight for impair, and soon gonna add Siddiq to the mix with even more confuse. In my opinion, this is where the game is at now. Shutting down the enemy from ever getting off a single ar is the key to an easy victory. Also running windowless dosent hurt either because the dumb ai cant help but take themselves out it seems. I rarely have any problems with anyone’s defense these days like the majority of us.


Ap 100 percent doesn’t build on wave 1 if it activates. Stays at zero. I don’t use him on defense either, but I certainly am careful when facing him as to not allow his rush to go off.

Also the comment about not enough players put defense on his weapon leads me to believe that you are facing weaker players in lower factions… what is on the weapon? Attack??


To be honest, only the top 4 teams in my region are too tough for us. This weekend we did beat the 3rd place team. No one in the top 10 is really using him anymore in my region. I tend not to pay attention to what he is using. Like I said if somehow he’s still alive t2 I got a confuse or impair to shut him or any other toon down. So as with all 5 stars, there is no point to having him on defense unless you want to give your opponent an easy kill.

Since you doubt I am a solid player I will let you know I only lost 4 single battles and that was to the #1 faction and not in the same war in over 60 matches and that was due to getting kicked in the nuts by rng and the fact that they are all extremely solid players with fantastic defences. No one in the region gives them a challenge and I have been asked on many occasions to join them. I won’t leave my friends behind. Rewards arent everything to me.


Both will be good because Dante combines what the 2 best traits blue and Glenn this therefore leads to a double command team of you haven’t faced one in the 5* era they were super annoying so only guess what happens when the 2x randomness this guys create happens multiple outcomes which could lead to death unfortunately Dante is going to be a promo so if you dnt have coin and don’t get him. Go for glee of you rick melee or siddiq if rock ranged


Where did I say you weren’t a solid player? I said you didn’t face solid players if they don’t load zeke up with defense or hp, very large ap boost and an ap down.