6* Cole, Attack Team Boss?

6* Cole has been released and the potential of his control & disarm on attack teams is immense, particularly against Fast (Yellow) characters. Due to Cole being Tough, when attacking fast characters he has a better chance of being focused, if said fast characters get disarmed they will lose their 3rd slot specials which is generally absolute defence.

Disarm is the only non resistible way of countering AD and would make clearing Tyreese/Lydia/Jesus teams much quicker because of this, potentially disarming up to 5 characters a turn and with a turn 1 taunt can potentially disarm Jesus shield turn 1 making him free AP gain.

Do you think Cole being a potential fast character counter was intentional?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is Cole better on Attack or Defence teams?

  • Attack
  • Defence

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Break out those taunt resists!

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Disarm cannot be resisted but the taunt can. If they don’t resist the taunt, then there is still only a 33% chance at that character being disarmed. Most players who get Cole will already have 1 or 2 Bruce and there isn’t a scenario where you’d use Cole over Bruce against Lydia teams.


If you have him behind a shield the disarm is gonna be pointless :joy:

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Hes talking about an attack team

why does he think a shield Jesus would attack cole when he is there shielding lol

Think about it

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yeah with the taunt my bad, every Jesus will just have a heavy taunt mod on them now tho

Shiva won’t mind

Taunt and Stun probably.

With so many high damage toons available makes no sense why you would use him on attack. On defense his disarm is on a weapon easy to disarm it. He’s not great.


disarming the disarm will let you survive and keep surviving!


Beta test these things Scopes , come on now lol. Damn buggy toons.

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Wheres the bug?

Go get yourself disarmed by him

So what’s the bug???

Or you could just report the bug

Apparently he taunts when he disarms.