6 * Character Winter Edition Negan

Hello all, with Scopely offering the “Road to Survival #1” Winter Negan, who thinks he should be turned into an Ascendable character? If so, what would you like to see in a possible 6 Star Winter Edition Negan?


NEGAN (winter edition)
Ascended from Negan (road to survival 1)
Trait: strong
Role: damage
Weapon: default bat
Damage: 1565
Defense: 1545
Health: 1790
Leader skill: all strong and alert teammates receive +36 crit. All strong and tough teammates receive +40% health.
Rush: Ho Ho horrific: deal 475% damage to a single enemy. All teammates receive +70% defense, which decreases by -20% defense per turn, for 3 turns.
Rush Progression:
1: initial unlock
2: -2 ap
3: +50% rush damage
4: -2 ap
5: -2 ap
6: +1 turn of defense
7: -2ap
8: -2ap
9: +50% rush damage
10: -2ap
AP requirement: 58
Active ability: heal reduction
Initial cooldown: 3 turns
Cooldown: 4 turns
Number of uses: 3
Effect: 100% heal reduction to 3 enemies for 2 turns


Leader skill huge ap on attack and 40%attack

66 ap 600% damage to 2 enemies
All teamates receive 70%attack for 2 turns
All opponents receive -70defense for 2 turns

Active skill:
Team focus
Entire team receives focus and 20% heal for 2 turns

1900 attack
1500 hp
1500 def



So his rush is like 3 times as powerful as Blue tyreese? At 66 speed to tyreese’s 85, with only 50% less damage, plus a match-ending buff and debuff.



66 AP (Ho Ho Hemorrhage)

Deal’s 450% Damage, 500 Bleed for 2 turns to 3 enemy’s and all team mates get 45% Attack and Defense.


Active: Ap gain + Bleed 100

Lead skill: 40% attack for all and 30% defense to all melee characters

Lol where do you get that? Tyrese hits 650% damage to a line, 1900ish attack. And likely behind Andrea or mira

Let’s be honest you act like any of this is going to happen. …like they gonna say ooo let’s take this persons idea from random thread and make a toon exactly that

lol how much you people hve time to spend on this forums nd expecting scoplry will like ur shit lmao no offence though.

More likely to be a “40hp and 40def to melee” lead, based on how they usually ruin toon when ass-ending them.

Anyhow, prolly not gonna happen anytime soon …

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