6* Character Ranking


I’ve yet to see any discussion on the current 6* rankings. What do y’all think?


I really don’t understand what you mean. Are you asking people to name their top 5 or something?

Goat go-tee goat.



Yeah, best of the best. Or top 10.


Without any explanation or basis:

1 Abe
2 Shiva
3 Goat
4 Yumi
5 Carl


Of the three I’ve actually used, I would have to say Yumiko is my favourite.

She has a very broad range of damage, sometimes doing heaps, others not so much. Confuse is very handy to prevent a rush blowing up in your face. Her rush is awesome. The burn damage means that even yellow toons get proper wounded. The fixed weapon is a blessing and a curse.

Mirabelle, for that leader skill. In the 6* world, you need a 6*leader skill. Simple as that. Her rush is handy too, but you need to level it fast.

Abe, for taunt. I give him a G36, so when he gets hit he can heal the others. I wish he would rush faster, but when he does, he clears up problematic toons that might otherwise rush.




Goat only comes in 3rd? I had heard really good things! I’m surprised.



There are very few characters per trait to put down something useful.


Great work catching GOATS confuse all rush in action!



New threat governor is right up there. My fave toon so far.


Goat would have ranked higher if it weren’t for the drink problem !!


I know you said no explanation, but is Abe really that good? I haven’t ascended mine yet, but haven’t really been caused many problems when facing him.
But that can probably be said about most 6* toons, as if you are attacking with 6* then you tend to win.

My favourite that I have is Hershal, he buffs my other 6* characters with an extra 50% attack and then everybody dies.


Jab already done a video

  1. Shiva - best 6* in the game. The rush is devastating and her active skill lets you bypass shields and stun/impair weapons.

  2. Governor - because of the rush + evasion

  3. Carl - leader skill

  4. Mirabelle - leader skill

  5. Ezekiel - Guardian II

  6. Hershel - same as Zeke

  7. Alpha - highest attack, could make crazy combos with collateral damage II and double attack weapon

  8. Yumiko - the burn damage really helps eat through tanky teams

  9. Abraham - got a nice rush and indomitable. Needs good team support to be really effective though

  10. Tyreese - huge damage and decapitate. AR speed is a bit of a let down

Don’t really care to rank the rest as they don’t seem all that great to me.


Shiva is #2.
The GOAT is #1.
Here’s proof!



Damn, I can’t wait until they release 6* Goat! Hopefully it’s this weekend’s promo


I wish he‘d asked for the characters and (!) their weapons.


It was an arbitary scale. The best 6* is obviously Shiva because she’s a FUCKING TIGER!


This is AMAZING great work


Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for