6* Bwight+Double Attack?


I didn’t know defensive weapons could also proc for those rushes. I need to read the combat article again.


I guess I can test it for myself in a bit.


Or just read when I asked it as a question here :wink:

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So now the nexts question is Impair defending for defense or double attacks for attacking. I hate that we have to choose one or the other. I wish they put an end to these binded weapons.


Unlike all other characters with special weapons (IIRC), Dwight has the animations to support regular weapons, so his special weapon can be replaced by a different Tough weapon, FYI.

Dwight’s Weapon MIA?
6* Dwight’ weapon, hope it’s not a bug {SOLVED}

I had to read that 2x to fully understand what you meant but that is indeed groundbreaking for Dwight :slight_smile:

Thank you for that clarification.


I went to go double check the Dwight I just got from the museum and looked at my Barker bound weapon. The crossbow does not have the yellow gun circular symbol. This actually makes Dwight a lot more useful as I am now able to equip my Impair shotgun on him on defense and use the Dwight “Double Attack” Rifle on Attack :slight_smile: I overlooked it, but initially I thought his default weapon was bound.


Best info of the month !!! Thanks


i did notice also the special weapon icon is not there for dwight.

Does this mean we just get him + the bow?
Or can he equip something else and only him the bow?

or just a visual glitch for him since it does look like yumis bow basically


That is awesome news. :smiley:
Can his weapon be used by other toons? I assume no, but I think it’s worth asking.


No, his weapon can’t be used by other characters


Dwight just became a whole lot better now


Mixed emotions about that… on one hand that’s fucking awesome! On the other I feel like an established foundation is being broken…

There’s no doubt going to be backlash demanding this to be done to every bound weapon.


Very nice . Saved me a lot of Armory headache. Thank you.


Thanks combatman.

So the ability to switch weapons on 6* dwight is a feature and not a bug?


awesome i ll give this baby to the rightful owner then :smiley:


Don’t expect this to be a common thing, but for Dwight, it’s intentional.


Also mentioning here as I did in a different thread, 6* Dwight’s special weapon is basically a better default weapon, so it can’t be upgraded, which is as designed.


I just asended my Dwight and yes you can switch his weapon to a different one you made up and can also upgrade the default weapon on dwight too