6* Bwight+Double Attack?


Wouldn’t it be possible to attack 4 times on a single enemy in a single turn?


Correct. But it’s statistically unlikely. I’d prefer to keep double attack on Ty personally. I’ll try to craft an impair on attack for Dwight.


which dwight? one from museum? he has a built in weapon and even without a weapon how could it trigger double attack with AR?


The New Threat :tough: Dwight has his own built-in crossbow bound weapon :confused: So you would have to craft the “Double Attack” special and replace his “Trait Advantage” Special. It may be better to just stick with “Impair When Taking Damage” for def or if you would like to use him on attack instead, “Trait Advantage” would be ok too… But just my opinion.


Multi attack ARs are specifically intended to allow weapon specials to proc. Think Teresa with her 3 attack AR and her stun weapon.

Also, you are correct. Dwight has a default weapon. Not sure how I missed that.


I am personally leaving the stronger trait, not worth the endless pit of hell for an oddball special.


That is nice to know that about multi attacks :+1:

Beside that double attack can be crafted by applying Slayer 3 to that weapon but it is not so superior than trait advantage. double attack is 100%+150% and trait is 200% afaik.


True. Stronger trait is great on Yumiko. Why waste the PK/DT?


I’d keep 6* Dwight’s current weapon special to be honest. His current special can activate in his AR, just like double attack.


Not really unlikely. It’ll be at 12.25% for double attack to proc twice.


Wow! I hadn’t done the odds, but 1/8 isn’t too bad. :smile: Much better than I had assumed. Thanks for that.


Can’t happen as nothing can proc with Adrenaline rush. Which is what the Dwight double attack is.


It absolutely CAN happen. Quite aside from the example I gave earlier in the thread, it is explicitly stated here:


This is the exact text from the article.


But it’s not a standard attack. It’s a 350% damage boost. Would love for it to be true. I will watch out for it for sure.


You’re splitting hairs here. It is what it is. Teresa’s AR has increased damage too, but it can still stun.


Steve is right, Dwight’s rush is just a double boosted attack and therefore the game treats it like an attack.

Which does mean he could proc four attacks. And that if you attack a fast character with AD, all four could be blocked…


I am not trying to bust your balls. Just don’t want to waste PK’s and Tapes. Teresa and Dwight rush are not the same. And I am not talking about just damage modifier. Teresa can hit multiple targets . Where Dwight is only capable to hitting one target.


You’re not busting my balls, you’re spreading misinformation. I’m just trying to make sure people reading this thread have the right information. For example, Dwight can absolutely attack multiple targets with his rush. He did it for me on the feast or famine roadmap.


Steve is right.
The most common ARS say “Deals X % DMG to X Targets”, for those the normal rules applies.

But whenever an AR says " Deals X ATTACKS of % dmg", the AR hits are considered as atk hits, so they can critical, double atk, impair, stun… Even jump targets. But its a double edged sword, your attaker can also be stunned, impaired or be 0’ed by absolute defense if the defender weapon have those mods.

So far, we have only 3 toons with ATK ARS: Teressa, yumiko and Dwight.