6* Bryan's weapon


So I was thinking about maybe adding splash damage to his weapon, but does anyone know if it’ll possibly stack with his collateral damage for like 180% damage or would it just ignore the weapon?


Yep, it stacks


Awesome. Thanks :blush:


I wanted a Red Collateral to try out my Splash Damage Crit weapon.

The only issue is +AP on attack.

If you get 30 crit 30 attack and 80% splash.

Leaves you no room for +AP on attack.

So maybe using With Andrea Lead?
Not ideal in a way.

I’m not sure how to Play Bryan

I may just add AP on attack 30 attack leave the crit

I figure this way he can rush faster, his 50% AR
Means you can Rush once. Next turn Can rush again with command.

That’s probably the strongest Way I can see him being used.
But not sure yet!


Would you really need +AP on attack, sure his 1st rush may take 3 turns, but with his +50% AP to self he’s essentially a 38AP toon after that.


you can go without the Bonus AR.

I do it on my Dwight out of Pure laziness on his double attack weapon and he Does Pretty Great.

That’s just my Take.
Bryan +AP on attack would be good for his Initial Rush and 2nd rush after the 50% would be 1 turn
away with Andrea Lead or something.

He looks fun tho.
Exited to have another Double Hitter especially a Collateral Damage.


These are the things I’ve been torn between lol. He kinda needs the bonus AP, but his rush makes up for not having it after the first rush. But you gotta get to that first rush lol. Attack is also important, but 180% splash damage can knock some greens down.

It’s the trickiest weapon I’ve ever tried to decide on lol


running with andrea lead, bryan would only need very lg on weapon to be able to reg. attk then command to rush, or fill every 2 rds. do you sell out on coll. knowing that it may be a zeke guardian shield breaker vs certain teams? or have it both ways but sacrifice some attk on normal hits to be able to rush every other turn, or immediately command if needed? having both is smart to me if you really really need to kill a violet or dante


Replace crit with attack, huge ap when attacking, splash. His rush also gives himself 70 crit. No need for all of that, just give him a crit mod


Yep this seems to make him quite good if you can last this long.


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