6* blue machonne

What is the best set up for her mod wise and what should I do with her weapon

Huge ap on weapon and upgrade the attack stat. As for mods do attack set: Attack, crit chance, attack vs red, stun/impair resist, and for the bottom left do crit damage.


Surely the smart move is huge AP, replace attack with crit and hope for +35 crit on the weapon and then crit set mods? Her power is around her specialist skills, so you want her to crit as much as possible, and therefore mod her to do damage when she crits


40% attack behind dwight, 35 crit behind mira/andrea/carl imo.


My Michonne mods are all screwed up atm because no mods removal event but this is what I did on her weapon and what I think works best.



Nope i have 3 chonnes like the weap I posted behind carl revive lead and a marlon there’s no team I cant beat


if i had michonne i do what nobody else that i know has done, keep attk, put huge in slot 2 and put crit in slot 3, confuse isnt really needed if you are looking to get in and get out, its more of a defense thing imo.

mods attk set, maybe some defense, crit and a defense vs yellow, especially if planning to use vs lydia leads


Well I couldn’t see myself bringing in 3 Michonne’s to a Carl lead or Gabe I’d much rather use my red Tara decap Sandy team but since I only have 1 Michonne I rely on her disarm more then her attack so crit all the way.


Her confuse is amazing one of my favorite things on her if you had her you would understand it is so clutch at times.

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at the same time, you can attk the wrong toon with and it set off a dmg ap weapon holder, take all the guess work out of it. if you know this will happen here and this there you have no surprises

example you are 15 hrs into war weekend and your brain isnt working at its peak and you confuse tyreese and he attk any +hp and revive toon

Don’t exactly understand what ur trying to say but if I disarm and confuse a shield turn one I don’t see how that could possibly hurt me lol

if you use kate you dont need that to get around shields. disarm and attk 1st 2 turns(what toon dont matter) t3 let kate rush and eat, game over

I still use Kate in the same team as her against Erika leads so uhhh yeah. if you had her you would understand.

ok, fair point. but when playing this game i go by the saying “if rng helps you win, it also will make you lose”, that confuse to me screams rng

It’s not helping me win at all I’m not relying on it every raid but sometimes sure it helps don’t see the problem in having something a little bit extra.

so if its not a need why keep it? thats my arguement. the ability for michonne to still demolish when she rushes, fire t3 and disarm seems more needed than that confuse, which you said basically is a luxury

But why get rid of it? I already have crit on weapon and crit mods I’ll trust the 33 crit over the 35 crit special every day. She’s basically just there for one reason and that is to disarm if she’s not disarming then I’m not going to use her I don’t really see her as a heavy hitter maybe if they shouldn’t have nerfed her.

all depends on the toons you have to use. for you that may work cause you dont need michonne to be able to do at the very least serious dmg under kate buff, if not kill. for me i would need michonne to be able to inflict damage and disarm, for you the disarm maybe all you need. which hey, is great for you

Pretty much I have other hitters behind her never needed her for damage really only like her disarm.