6* Blue andrea (extra for 15 words)


soooo @kalishane will our lovely 5* andrea be as op as 6* tyreese? Yeah or nah thats all id like to hear…


Probably will still have her 800% to one and a lead skill of +40% attack and huge AP bonus in attack to tough teammates. With a high-ass attack stat that’ll knock out any red on a Erika team with double attack within two turns tops. That’s my guess. Thank goodness I’m so close to unlocking Legendary Training.


Glass canon por favor :slight_smile:


LOL. Chances in legendary are extremely low. Best to farm 3s and 4s from elite or legendary and sell from supply depot points.


I may get slammed for this opinion but I hope she’s mediocre. Attacking is already so easy if she’s op with people having so many dupes of her it will take any remaining challenge out of the game. And if she’s a op defensive character we could end up with 4 andrea and 1 Koa teams like the old days with 4 andreas and lee. Hard pass on all that.


I’m guessing she will be a drop lead


Both are crap to be honest. But I waited 3 or 4 weeks (or quite possibly more) for a legacy toon to show up in the depot, saving literally every trainer and 3-4⭐ toon I’ve received to pawn and buy The Gov. I wouldn’t trust the Depot to have Andrea or any other legacy toon to show up every 1-2 weeks. I’m gonna put a little more faith in Training Grounds for only waiting 2 days to produce a toon. Worst case scenario, I get a couple of 4-5⭐s to pawn.


That’s fine. For some perspective I ran 3 training grounds non stop for a full year and not 1 5s. Not sure if they ever revisited the frequency, if so it was a silent update.


Feels. UR toons were slightly common for me. But sometime in January, it was a complete 3⭐ fest. Got Josh a few hours ago. That’s the best in months.


I’ve had a legendary training ground going for a year and a half or so and i just got my 1st 5 star from it yesterday.


Exactly my thoughts. Most of the old 5* came back as the opposite in 6* form. The shitstorm would make me giggle. (because I dump 3 of 4 andreas).


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