6* attached weapons

Question : If i upgrade, for example 6* command Rick’s weapon and then make him sclass, the upgrade weapon will reset? Because is the same weapon thats why i am asking

Yes, it resets


ok thanks

For the love of all things holy and not - dont do it!

Just hold out till you get the s Class Version


Most 6* are useless of the S-Class version other than rick, trader and Jacki

Jacki is usefull as a 6* ?

My faction mates says she is better because people rarely run confuse resist and as a 6 star she confuses all compared to mercer who only stuns 2 as a 6*

I upgraded his 6* wep and Jackie’s, it’s going to take me a while to get them Sclassed

u use 6* jackie as a defence leader?

I would argue that wangfa is useful as a 6*. mostly because of crosshairs and 100 heal reduction to everyone.


I have used her some. Her lead skill is identical between the 6 star and the S class

They reset when ascending from 5☆ to a 6☆ also

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wangfa doesn’t give 100% hr to everyone as a 6*

you are right, I was thinking of the S class version.

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Quite a few ppl in my region did this :joy:

The worst one was someone went all out and did +50 attack, Huge attacking AP, Dbl attack + Crit Up and Rampage on a 6* Priya. But the kicker was they used a ton of Vet Rings to take her to level 30. All so they can use her as a Defense lead :rofl: :man_facepalming:

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Oof (7 chars)

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