6* AR 9/10 or 10/10

I have several 6* toons who are at 9/10 AR where that puts their AR at 78. Leveling it to 10/10 only drops it to 76. From what I’ve seen those 2 points don’t matter and I’m better off leaving them at 78. Am I wrong? is there something I’m missing?

Edit: Also what about 68 vs 66?

Nope. Test in battle with weapons to make sure though.

It throws off ar you’ll have exactly 76 on def with very large ar

On defense, with VL leader or weapon:
after turn 1: (20+8)*1.4 = 39
after turn 2: 39 + (20+8)*1.4 = 78
So, on defense with very large AP boost, it makes no difference. Either 76 or 78 can be commanded turn 2 on defense or naturally go off turn 3.

On offense, with huge AP gain on attack leader and very large AP gain on attack weapon (or VL leader and huge weapon)
after turn 1: 20+10+8 = 38
after turn 2: 38+20+10+8 = 76

So, 76AR means your toon can be commanded turn 2 on offense with Huge/VL combination (if they’re not killed/neutralized/impaired/stunned/etc). 78 means you need huge/huge.

Whether or not that 2 AP difference is ‘worth it’ depends on whether you’re talking offense or defense and also on if you have an AP leader and AP weapons and a command toon in your offense. It does make a difference for some team compositions. It doesn’t in others. Throw in an 8% to all weapon or a 20% to holder weapon, and there’s another set of calculations to be considered when deciding whether it’s ‘worth it’.






In case you missed that, there’s some characters with Active skill 2 team mates receive 20% AP
With that active skill you can rush 2 AR in T2 without the need for bonus ap from the leader only huge bonus from the weapons will be enough,
However in the case of 78 that wouldn’t work unless your toon gets a hit.

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