6* Andrea soon! Card stats leaked and she is abtainable through a museum event!



Also she will be obtainable through a museum collection!


as i thought. meh…


Maybe November log in…


can someone translate that


I can’t translate but by looking at it she is going to maintain her leaderskill but it will be 40% attack and a huge bonus ap when attacking. Looks to be a eagle eye but much slower with some status. Get hyped.


85AP?? Lmao


will come out in 10 mins


Still a cannon at 800% attack and 20%ap but damn if that isn’t a slow af AR.

You’d need to run her with as a lead or with a lead of equal value to get the most out of her


How do you know?


Yes we Candrea!


because VK said so…


Oh god 85 ap. Marlon and Rosie about to one shot her way before that


Finally :blush:


He originally only posted andrea leak not the VK one


Shes not going to be a defense lead… and she also regains 20% ap after the use so idk


What is everyone complaining about 85 ap for. Command turn two still. She’s very good. Nothing will satisfy you guys.


I will admit 85 ap isn’t really that bad considering her lead skill. All ranged lead skill is great tbh


So my Tara become useless… nice


You can easily get her to use her AR on turn 2… if that 800% guarantees a kill, it’s not aiight.