6* Amber w/ 600% Damage to 3, First Look

So we have Amber who is a pure damage dealer and not much else, she has some heal/revive blocking with her rush but she will be mainly there to destroy the enemy team. Her weapon is the same as Wayland’s as she gets bonus attack based on the enemies HP however this will mainly benefit her basic attacks as her rushes will generally put down anyone with that sort of HP anyway.

Would you change the special on Amber’s weapon?

  • Yes
  • No

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Any particular ideas regarding the weapon?


So is she a better Shaun or just another version of him? Slightly better than Shaun but not a decap. If I didnt have Alpha, she could placed because of single target rush.

Shawn is still miles ahead of alot of toons if used in the right set up

But we been discussing it for hours.

So this is… Second look.

also your insane if you are giving up he special for stun. You want her to kill shot so she can follow up.

She’s only 175% over Shawn, with slight atk increase so call it a flat 200% more dmg while rushing. So I am not sure if she hits hard enough or if she will be nothing special.

Shawn’s free lol. Advantage Shawn :joy::joy::joy:


She looks EXACTLY like Jim Carey’s skanky client in Liar Liar. Even the look she’s making.


<50% HP will generally be <2.25K or less, a 550% Shiva with gen1 stats can 1shot that, so it only really gives a boost to basics - could be good as a semi execute early on to just gain a turn advantage for AP gain, but not on the rush itself.

More like 100% more individual hit damage with weapon/lead/buffs (If Alice is the buffer)

Calculated individual hit damage to be around 48K for Amber and like 25K for Shawn.


Well nothing is going to survive that and a debuff buff from Alice. keep on coin repairing.

You also have to think that he is better as he attacks 2 more enemies as he can attack all the enemy’s at the starter most or all of the team is alive

Yeah, Shawn is better than Amber.

WAIT… did I see boobies? Take all my money!!!

*scopely logic. :joy:


If she was a decap then i’d rate her a bit more highly, unfortunately she’s doing a worser job than Shawn/Alpha who are both free toons. No idea why you’d pay for her.

She only kills 3, not fast enough in today’s meta.

A genuine question, say i run two of her or her and Morgan does Follow up proc for both toons if they both landed killing hits or its like guardian 2 only one time thing per turn ?

She’s basically a decap. She has a one turn decap. With Alice focus you can pick off the toons on the next turn if you left a revive since the heal reduction is in place.

Yeah people don’t give heal reduction any love. It is always decap this and disarm that.

Has it been confirmed if she hits 3 for 600 or just does heal reduction to 3. tricky wording by scopely

This is what you want.

It’s definitely not that high.

2,287 Att / weapon 40% / Lead 40% / Alice Buff 75% / Rush 600% = 47,066 Base Damage per enemy
2,189 Att / weapon 35% / Lead 40% / Alice Buff 75% / Rush 425% = 30,770 Base Damage per enemy

You’re right Shawn is not as low as I thought, but the difference is significant.

Just for fun:

1,998 / Weapon 40% / Lead 40% / Alice Buff 75% / Rush 325% = 22,272 Base Damage per enemy


She hits 3