6* alert davie weapon and combat mods? Help

Hi survivors,

Recently pulled alert davie from winter tokens after tedious aow. Anyway need suggestions on his combat mods and weapons mods. Big thanks

huge bonus to ap when attacking and more % attack … only use him in a attack team ?
Def and HP are low dont think he can defend ( Tyr would kill him very easy )
Hope some more players can help you who are running this Character as i dont have him .
Nice bleeding damage character … good luck .

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Hey Bee, as King ^^ mentioned, bomb his attack and throw huge ap on attack, I’d even consider throwing crit or something damage related into third slot, that bleed when attacked is mud.

If you don’t need more fire power on attack, send him to the glue factory, I’ve already scrapped two Davie’s as ascendance fodder.

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grats on your pull!

Give him a gold bleed mod as it will go well with lacerator

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