6* Adam - Revive 1 but ONLY on Def, Worth it?

6* Adam will be the next promo character coming into the game and he has something that we have not seen before - a def team specific part of his rush which would allow him to revive somebody. Unfortunately he is a 6* so it will be harder to keep him up alive for long on a def team.

However he does have Outlcast and this will give him his rush upon death, but it will not count for too much if he is targeted first and will not happen at all if he is just slightly controlled.

What is the Future of 6 Star Characters?

  • Attack Team Only
  • Defense Team Only
  • Why Not Both?

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Technically Princess was the first to have defence team specific. Adam just appeared on VK first.

But I’m not sure he’s all that

The future of six stars? The answer is on the bench.


@Lockdown u forgot to add neither defence nor attack :wink:


If he’s one shotted by Christa turn 1 what that outlast revive would do him? If he had some negative effect with revive would be nice though

He survives one turn no matter what. He will perform an action unless you stun, taunt or confuse him

Who will he revive if he’s killed first?

No one. Works like mia, if hes done first than it’s just the normal rush

Mia is harder to deal with since she revive with active too and that amount of maim can kill easily a 6*


So Eric lead with Shield Lee opposite of Adam. Dante or AOW Rick to be a extra dick.

He’d prolly sit on the bench same as Lance and the bird man

agreed, esp at top level competition, he will get one shotted by Priya, as well as half the team

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fourth option O $copely should explode their HQ for New years.

No way I’ll do more than sc pulls on that

Worth it? No lol

People still pay for 6* :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: and this toon is bad all around anyway, tbh looks like a f2p toon. Wouldnt use him if he showed up in my inbox with all the gear, medals, trainers, etc to max him.

Who would if you already got Pete that revives 2 lol I guess some people would even buy poop if there’s scopely stamp on it :joy: :joy:

If 5* had a place on attack teams up to the end of the 6* Era safe to Say 6* will also have the same spot, just very specific ones.

But that one only revives on defence that will make his use very limited. such character suppose to be f2p as @How2Zombies mentioned

Some toons can still be used for attack teams like a command since we dont have an s class command, etc but toons like this Adam have no use on attack or defense even, he doesnt offer anything, like Mr Jones, offers crosshairs and infection and has some nice control with confounding but Adam isnt a toon i would use gear and stuff to put on a defense or attack team. People will buy him tho :man_shrugging: so scopely will make and sell it