6* Abraham (tough )(road to survival #3)


6* Abraham heals himself when auto attacking - Health is already full…a turn is wasted when this happens.
Anyone else have this problem ? Please fix this


I think this happens with all heal self actives


You could be right…I believe this needs to be fixed


Mine was doing that all the time to and it was annoying and now he doesn’t even if he’s within an inch of life, famine or a drought, never a happy medium.


Haàaa I hear that… appreciate the reply


My double attack an + 40 attack AK-74 needs to killlll…
Aggravating when he ghost heals


maybe get lucky and he gets hit and turn 2 healing affects him


AI cannot use active skills properly. We’ve all seen Carl use AP up to give himself 12AP when he is the last man standing when an attack would give him both more AP and cause damage. There is also the cure impair which occurs after the impaired toon has attacked.


Only thing you can do is either use auto and deal with it or not use auto, I honestly doubt they’ll fix this.


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