5th Anniversary Event Discussion Thread

Hey all! Let us know what you think about the 5th Anniversary Event here!


Looks good. Will be nice if ftp can complete the stash to get the special Avatar without having to sacrifice claiming Kenny.

Since a lot of ftp and mild spenders have been around for 5 years, a reward like that shouldn’t be pay to win so I hope that’s been taken into consideration. Spending money doesn’t equal loyalty.

Hopefully this can be a fun event for everyone.


I can’t wait for S-Class Beanie :*


S Class Marlon & Beanie or we hunger strike!


Have you heard anything about the next Gold Brick toon yet @WalkerTexasRanger or @TayTron ?

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Totally. 116591646_1418192705039167_2001603781016453796_n

First let me say thank you for making Kenny a F2p toon.
Second I just wanted to say the price of other items (cards collection) is way too expensive
Can you imagine 1800 Dylan cards worth 2.4 X Kenny ?
I know you decide to make Kenny accessible by almost everyone who participate .but please review the price of other items in the black market or add some cards to the offer


Looks decent however I truly hope f2p can achieve s-class Kenny. The players that have been here are from all avenues of play: spenders, mild spenders and f2p. Also, I hope the banners are rewarded in the lower milestones and not the top milestones.

I do agree that some of the items look expansive and looks like players have to choose between kenny or another needed item. Can’t wait to see how this anniversary plays out.


Nothing new here. Same old “collect this to redeem that to collect something different”. Never ending cycle of repetitive tasks. Seems creativity has left the building years ago in Gulver City.

Cannot wait for the upcoming gate or bugged missions! :joy:


There are banners for all milestones
You need to hit 3m milestones in 19 lvl ups to get Kenny .
I know there is less than that in a period of a month but let’s say lvl ups will put you 70% near your goal .
Other tournaments will do the rest

Where is that posted. Players have to hit 3mil each level up is ridiculous. Now if we only need a total of 3 mil for all level ups that may be doable.

To me, the anniversary should be attainable for all players not just for the top players. No I don’t expect it to be given away but players shouldn’t have to give a kidney to get it either.


I think it’s more than free to me . You can hit a lower milestones and do weekly missions to get Kenny.
Do you want them to send Kenny directly to your inbox ?
Stop complaining about everything.
3m can be achieved in all tournaments for f2p if you know what you are doing

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Can they be achieved 2-3x a week for 5 years?

First of all, I wasn’t complaining. YOU was the one to reply directly to me. I replied to @TayTron. I am entitled to my opinion and can reply as such. I was making a statement yet you want to say that people complain cause they make a suggest/comment different from you.

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I am, of course, over the moon about Kenny. My only real problem so far is with the event narrative…Mundane and irrelevant, I know, but even the Curious Conundrum event suffered from it too.

It basically went “Willie measures intelligence with rubix cubes!” “We don’t know why, but don’t ask because Willie only speaks in rubix cubes tongue!”

Now this event is doing the same thing: “Why Banners? Don’t ask us, but Kenny insists you can’t have a party without banners. Just don’t pick at the logic too much and you’ll get some cake”


Edit: this post is half satirical and half genuine. The narrative really doesn’t matter, as long as the rewards are good and attainable, but holy crap, these event narratives are soooo bad haha.


Propably we need 3,500 banners to get S kenny.


We’ll be making an announcement around the gold brick characters early next week




This sounds ominous :thinking: not like a “we’ll be announcing the new gold brick character early next week”.

Guessing that either the gold brick redemption is changing or ending.

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They should keep those bricks and change it to another sclass cards exchange.