5star token wheel update 2.0


Please inform us when the 5* token wheel will be updated again @ the developers

Please lets keep this topic alive to keep information regarding this to one thread @ the community


Won’t be for ages.

Aren’t they working on weapon wheel next.

Then they should sort out basic tokens.

Anyway my luck since the wheel has been updated has been horrendous.
Only 1 new toon out of like 15-20 pulls.

I should have done a pull before the update…maybe I would have Blue Clementine now. :sob:


They need to update more frequently considering the amount of 5* tokens they are giving out. Too many dupes. Adding a 5* token stash would be a nice idea I think, well as long as there’s someone worth getting in there.


I’m stuck in the same bullshit loop of four or five characters


I’ve pulled so much shit that available via ascending by pulling 5* token chars, if they will refresh it I will pull them all once again :sob:


Last 7 pulls have been recent dupes, that recent that I haven’t even levelled the first set. Had 2 pulls this weekend, third blue Mark & second Gatherer Michonne. A huge slap in the face, given the amount of toons in there I don’t have. Feels like it was reset when it was updated.


They had tweaked it ages ago to reduce the amount of dupes, after latest wheel update it’s dupe city. I’ve suggested Stash based in the past as that would actually work a lot better.


Apparently it went off of recent pulls, not roster. But like I say my last pulls have all been dupes, the Marks are worse as they are recent. One today, one last week, and another about 4 weeks ago lol…


After the last update I’'ve pulled a LOOOT of dupes, most were chars I had recently gotten from the wheel. (before update)
Trust me, It resets and it doesn’t take into account your roster just the pulls from there on.


Yeah that’s the point I was making lol. Something has to be done because it’s just down right depressing. War your arse off all weekend for two toons you pulled last week… WTH :flushed::thinking:

Edit : With the amount of toons in that wheel I don’t have, I don’t get it lol. Rng is a pain in the back side!


I got fucking Wilkins from that bullshit wheel


I got him last month. What a crappy pull. I feel your pain.


I looked through the entire list. Literally not 1 character on there I would want… I have 4 shivas, 3 Carl’s, 3 Yumiko’s, 3 Abraham’s, 3, Siddiq’s, 2 Tyresse, 2 Mirabelle, 2 Barker… and at least 1 of 90% of the non ascendable epics in the list… currently have 175,000 tokens sitting there with no reason to use them.

And we are expected to fight and spend on wars and tournaments with 5* tokens as prizes!?!

Scopely - sort your sh#t out!!


Confederate money is collectible and worth something, while 5* tokens are just collecting dust.


Wish I could pull a dupe Shiva lol. Would be set. Dupes of al the other f2p ascendables. Deffo need a better wheel cus this crap as war rewards is laughable.


Lol the wheel is awful. Im level 110 and I still don’t have mirabelle, shiva, barker, ty or yumi from tokens. Only gotten Carl… 3 times. I’ve emailed scopely about stash systems for 4* ascendance as well. Burned almost 1.5 mil in medals trying for siddiq with no luck.


The last update ruined the wheel, I’ve gotten my 5th javair, Clementine, skylars everything is double and over its awful, I never had that many toons anyway so there’s a lot I could get but are missing out, It does take effort to get them tokens and just to get another duplicate is depressing.


I just seem to keep getting red Lee’s gotten about 5 since the updated 5* wheel and also got a red lee from training ground last week. fml


I havent pulled in ages as i got 3 randalls in a straight row from the token wheel


@kalishane! She’s been mia I feel