5s token pulls are giving 4s weapons?!?

Just a heads up to everyone another glitch, just did a single 5s token pull and it gave me a 4s zeke sword.


Haha why am I not surprised

I haven’t had that yet but I have had 0 zero I mean Zero ascendables out of at least 50 plus pulls lost count now honestly didn’t want to add more all though probably is

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Would of rather the weapon over my 5th Shield Garret

My current streak is at least 6 months, and counting. I did at least 10 pulls in the last week. Nothing! Not even 1 ascendable… And to make matters worse, I’ve been playing this game for one and a half years, and I NEVER pulled an ascendable from prestige tokens. Well, guess my bucket is leaking…


Havent pulled an ascendable since revamp but got aris from elite tokens but now this just takes it over the top

Don’t mind me. Just rubbing salt in your wounds >:)


I got him 6s with a stun so :stuck_out_tongue: atleast it was a decent 4s weap lol

You are still lucky, it could be 0/150 lol

Indeed :joy:

2 camilla’s ajax and yellow glenn. Before update I hadnt pulled decent toon in over 6 months

Can I have a screenshot for proof…

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I think that I’ve pulled 8 Strong Zekes and about 4 each of other common 5s from that wheel, but also have yet to snag a single ascendable.

I pulled a Benedict from 5 star tokens the other day, that wheel is definitely not functioning correctly.

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