5k gold for the first 50 people reaching 150 levels

in-region or all regions?

Er what?

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Never heard of this, i believe whoever told you this is confused. You earn gold for leveling

Why are your topics so confusing and always leading to memes?


i think they are talking about account level cap

Are you suggesting this or asking if its true. I am sure there are more than 50 players in game already who mqy have reached lvl 150

5k gold to the meseum please


5k gold is certain

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Are you offering to give 5k gold to the first 50 players and region and an extra 5k bonus to the first 50 game wide?

youve done put it in the most polite way id imagine. dude should get his sh+! straight. all theese efd up topics noone understands.

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OP is clearly @Agrajag sending coded messages from the basement Scopely imprisoned him in - crack the cipher, rescue the devs, save the game!


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