59 day promo! Thank you guys—finally

I normally do not give lots of thanks to scopely. But giving us 59 day to acwuire 4 GPS and canteens each plus lots of other gear is well received. I don’t have to run PELL Flipping MELL for one piece, we have time to get these and looking at the first event you can get a piece of anything if you score enough. Even if you don’t get 2M, I know I can tier up my guys over the next two months, steadily. Well worth it
Thanks again.


This all kind of figures. After all the near continuous level up’s, I’m pretty dry of characters to work with.

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All I’ll say is atleast it’s in the milestone section not the placement. 60 mind numbing days of exact same placement rewards would be excruciatingly painful… Then again all these tournaments are just copy paste anyways…


That’s why I only score for LUs during special events :slight_smile: Gotta use scarce resources when necessary.

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If you where better at the game then You would make all the milestones. :joy::grinning:

On a serious note at least it’s something. I still think the makers need to cater to new players as well. Lower level rewards that they can reach. Split up the 200-1000 group more.

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Better at this game? You don’t know with whom you speak. Where did I say milestones were an issue…? Ever…?

Tell em wand… This guy definitely is too player in our region and knows more about this game then a lot of people… Just don’t tell him that his head is already near explosion

i feel like maybe it should be a month but not two then again it’s going to take it to probably a major summer event


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